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Church Roofing: Saving Up To 30% On Energy Bills

At Draper and Sons Construction, we have a passion for commercial roofing, but we also enjoy church roofing.

In the past we have discussed how we enjoy putting great value in working alongside churches.

Not only do we have a spot in our hearts to help the people of the church, but we also want to provide church roofing services to churches that are involved in the community so that we can help them help others even more.

We have had the pleasure of helping a few churches already with their church roofing restorations or repairs. Many of the modern churches with flat roofs have already seen benefits of SPF roofing. Some have stopped using shingles and started using metal roofing or have had metal roof restorations.

What does all this church roofing have to do with helping others? Let us explain.

With spray foam (SPF) roofing or metal roofing restorations there comes an opportunity to allow for savings on energy bills. In fact, it has been reported that the church roofing systems utilizing these methods can save up to 30% in energy costs.

Church roofing installation can be complex as it involves steeples, slopes and hidden gutters, but we aren’t afraid of those obstacles. We’d rather provide you with a great church roofing system than avoid doing so on account of some troublesome areas.

By us being able to provide such a savings to churches, those churches are in turn able to give more to the communities they work with.

Imagine having more capital to give back and do more things like feed the homeless.

Energy efficient roofing is one of the best ways Draper & Sons can contribute to churches. We would be happy to offer expertise, patience, excellence and passion towards any project related to your church roofing. We are happy to serve the greater Oklahoma City and Metro areas and Dallas. Contact us at 405-242-2007 (OKC) or 214-794-6162 (Dallas) if you need help with your roof.