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Draper & Sons: Using SPF for energy efficient roofing

If Draper & Sons receives a call to repair a commercial building roof, if possible we’ll look at spray polyurethane foam as an option (SPF).

Of course, every roofing company has to get their materials from someplace, right?

When we are asked to complete a roofing job using SPF we purchase our supply from ALDO. Draper & Sons believes in providing a high quality product and we’re going to let all commercial company owners know the reason why we use ALDO for the ultimate SPF energy efficient roofing.

In one of their case studies using SPF energy efficient roofing, a 53,000 square foot building had a leaky, old bitumen roof. It was in dire need of repairs or replacement.

The owners couldn’t afford down time or the dollar amount associated with an entire roof replacement so SPF energy efficient roofing was recommended. This is a contractor approved spray-on coating meant to restore the roof rather than replace it.

Using this method, the contractors were able to provide a quick and cost effective solution for the property owner.

The roofing restoration process allowed the owner to continue with his business operations and gave an SPF energy efficient roofing solution that will extend the life of the roof by at least 10 years.

A bonus to the whole process is that it saved the environment from having roof parts littering a landfill and it provided an economical savings which can be repeated for more benefit in another 10 years.

Draper & Sons can provide this kind of SPF energy efficient roofing for an economical and environmentally friendly savings to commercial properties in and around Oklahoma City. Contact us at 405-242-2007 (OKC) if you need help with your roof. Draper & Sons: your source for SPF energy efficient roofing and more!