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Commercial Roofing: We’re checking things out

Has your office building been hit by previous fall and winter storms?

Have you just not taken the time to think about the impact those storms have had?

Perhaps you do realize that commercial roofing inspections are important, but you just haven’t taken the time to have one?

No matter what your situation is, we are here to give you the break down, the 4-1-1, the scoop! It’s important for us to help you to understand that weather is your roof’s worst enemy. In most areas of southern states like Oklahoma and Texas, your roof has a STRONG and formidable opponent to battle.

With destructive hail storms, high winds, rain, snowfall, ice, sleet and the recent summer heat, your roof quite possibly has taken a beating over the past year. Maybe it’s even been within the last few years.

Here’s the ugly truth. No one wants to go to an office where the roof has started leaking or worse! If your commercial roofing inspection hasn’t been completed in quite some time, Draper & Sons would be happy to do it.

With the rainy season upon us and the inevitable winter storms to follow, now would be the perfect time to get your commercial roofing inspection out of the way. If you want, you can take a moment to look at your commercial building’s roof to check for some signs that you may need some work done.

If you can look from the ground try to follow this quick questionnaire (for safety reasons we don’t recommend climbing on the roof if you aren’t a professional):

1.) Are your gutters bent?
2.) Is there debris on the roof?
3.) Are there signs of wear?
4.) If your commercial building has shingles, are there granules missing?
5.) Are you missing shingles?

If your commercial roofing system has any of the above mentioned problems, it’s probably a good idea to call in your local roofer. These are all signs that your commercial roofing system is damaged and it’s not safe to go into the next season with these issues still lingering.

If you need any help with your roof inspection, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Draper & Sons, we offer the first initial inspection completely free! Contact us at 405-242-2007 (OKC) or 214-794-6162 (Dallas).