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Commercial Roofing: Getting our “snap” on!

“Throughout our days God places people on our radar screens for the sole purpose of having us demonstrate the love of Christ into their lives. They may be facing a particularly tough time with circumstances much like something we’ve experienced before. Who better to understand than one who has gone before them?”

The above quote is from our founder, Randy Draper, which he put into his book Happy To Do It. The principles written in word there are the same as the ones we strive to bring to the Draper & Sons business every day. The passage is about giving our understanding, compassion and knowledge of circumstance to others in need.

As we make strides to help commercial property owners with their commercial roofing needs, we also want to demonstrate our love for them and show them kindness.

A prime example of how we maintained the mindset of a giver was just a few weeks ago. We received a phone call about checking on some commercial roofing leaks and we were happy to go check things out for the client in question.

When we arrived to this very big roof that morning it quickly came to mind how much this project could cost. Immediately the power of Christ and the reasonable giver within lent a little voice that said “don’t charge them accordingly for all these different potential issues.”

Quickly, the Draper & Sons team realized that the “nickel-and-dime” approach for these people wasn’t going to serve them well! Here they were facing this circumstance that as commercial roofing experts, we’ve definitely seen before. It became our job to provide a better service, instead.

So, rather than charge them for anything commercial roofing related, at that moment, we told them that we will be there as soon as possible the next time it rains so we can pinpoint exactly where the leaks are! That way we can game plan according to their needs and NOT our company wants.

This is just some of the value Draper & Sons brings to the table! We have integrity, character and love for commercial roofing and we’re happy to do it! We’re getting our “snap” on!