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Church Roofing: Spreading the “light”

“Of all the lights we’ve got available to us, I think it is the floodlight that most closely resembles what God would have us be to the world. He wants the strength and intensity of a floodlight and its ability to pierce through darkness for miles ahead.”
-Randy Draper from Happy To Do It.

If you’ve followed any of our previous posts then you already know about our corporate motto, but if you’re new here then let us explain. Our motto is “Happy To Do It,” as it comes from the book written by our founder, Randy Draper. We enjoy it when others allow us to demonstrate our Draper Family Service to them.

Today, we wanted to take a few moments to talk about an example of how we bring the “Happy To Do It” attitude into our everyday life work.

Just as we make an effort to help commercial property owners with their commercial roofing needs, we also still hold a special place in our hearts for church roofing! Although we have decided to leave the shingles work to roofers better skilled in that area, we’ve brought a powerful focus to helping churches with other roof types.

As mentioned in the passage written above, we feel it is our duty to God to shine our floodlight onto the world. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than helping out a church for all to see for literal and metaphorical miles.

In Guthrie, OK Draper & Sons recently had the chance to be that floodlight for a special church. If you happen to be heading north on I35 you can look to your left and see the “beacon of light” in the form of a new, vibrant green church roofing system!

We are proud that this could be a symbol of our love for church roofing and that we could show our “Happy To Do It” attitude!