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Common Commercial Roofing System Problems

Unfortunately, commercial property owners may have roofing concerns that they don’t realize they have.

At Draper & Sons we take pride in educating people and helping them to know the risks for commercial roofing problems. Last month we talked about two major commercial roofing problems which are billowing substrates and ponding water.

Today, we’re going to hit on three more of the most common commercial roofing system problems.

1.) Membrane Shrinkage: On many single-ply commercial roofing systems there is a possibility for flashings (the components used to weatherproof or seal the roof system edges) to pull away from the wall, making room for leaks.

2.) Splitting Surface: Over time surface erosion can cause splits in the surface of some roof types. BUR (Built up roof membranes) commercial roofing systems are commonly affected by this type of damage.

3.) Roof Punctures: Any kind of penetration can happen to a variety of commercial roofing systems from single-ply to metal roofs. It’s important to note that the more traffic there is on the roof, the more potential there is for damage.

These are three major problems with commercial roofing systems.

If you own commercial property with any of these roof types, there may be a chance that you also have one of these common problems.

The best time to discover and correct problems such as these is before the terrible winter approaches. Commercial roofing problems are always easier to fix when weather isn’t fighting us.

If you need assistance with your commercial roofing system, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love helping people out and we’d be happy to do it. You can reach us @ (214) 794-6162 for Texas and (405) 242-2007 for Oklahoma City.