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Debunking A Common SPF Roofing Myth!

In Oklahoma City, Draper & Sons has been helping to spread the word about the energy efficient roofing system called Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF roofing.

We’ve made a lot of business owners into believers, but there are still some people with little to no understanding of SPF roofing.

In today’s series of “SPF Roofing System Mythbusters!” we are going to discuss another common myth about SPF roofing systems.

SPF ROOFING MYTH: It is not very hail resistant.

A lot of businesses spend millions of dollars replacing roofs due to hail damage and some of those commercial property owners are terrified of SPF roofing! They downright question the capability of SPF roofing to be resistant to hail.

Are you ready to learn something new, today? Look out! Here it comes! You might want to stay seated for this…

SPF ROOFING FACT: It can take the hit!

The book Roofing Research and Standards Development: Fourth volume, Issue 1349 by Thomas J. Wallace and Richard A. Chritchell lists data in regards to a series of studies conducted to test the hail resistance of SPF roofing systems.

The tests were completed by the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) at Arizona State University.

Different temperatures, different climates and various roof types sprayed with SPF coatings were put to the test for the study.

The PBSRG found that SPF roofing passed the hail resistance test for severe hail (golf ball size). The studies also proved that SPF roofing passed the hail resistance test for oversized hail (baseball to softball size) starting with a 50.8mm diameter steel ball and ending with a 86.4mm diameter ball.

The conclusion of PBSRG stated that SPF roofing has a “maximum hail resistance capability” (uses the least amount of material to get highest hail resistance) for both laboratory and in-field tests.

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